Skepticism was the first thing that came to mind when I bought Inbox Blueprint to test it out, since the product had just recently came out and was already quite popular.

I thought it was just another course with not much meat on its bones and that felt to be a bit overhyped.

I was wrong. Not very wrong, but my view changed – keep reading to know what I’m talking about.


First of all, let’s go over what this product really is.

Inbox Blueprint is a course that offers you step-by-step guidance on how to build a successful mail marketing business, and how to properly “inbox” your leads (as well as how to get them in the first place).


So, basically speaking, you’ll be taught how to build an e-mail list from scratch and how to profit from it afterwards.

The mind behind Inbox Blueprint is Anik Singal, named by “BusinessWeek” as one of the top 3 young entrepreneurs, being named twice by “Inc 500”.

His associates’ team, who mirror his success, have a lot of material in the course too, so you’ll also get different views on the business.


Why Would You Buy Inbox Blueprint?

I approve of this course for everyone who is serious about starting a web business, and I mean a serious web business, that as any business has an initial investment cost – even though online, the cost is really low compared to setting up an offline business.

What I’m saying is that you do have to invest in some software for e-mail marketing and in the course itself, so bear this in mind.


Finally, I want to disclose that this review is being written having my personal experience with it in mind, because I invested in the program and went through it all, so I’ll be unbiased but you’ll still be relying on my experience with the product.


Inbox Blueprint Review: How is the Training?

First of all, you’ll get started by picking a niche for your e-mail marketing business, and they teach you this, going over how E-Mail Marketing isn’t suitable for all niches out there – which I agree with.


First of all, you really need a niche where people are buying what you are about to recommend, or you’ll have a bad time.

You need a niche that has a big demand for your products, and a lot of other notions that you’ll be given throughout this course.

You’ll also get to know all the ways you can make money with, including CPL, CPA, affiliate marketing, Rev Share and a whole lot more.

Secondly, you’ll learn all about setting up the proper bait for your e-mail marketing list to start booming – stuff like this:



You’ll learn how to get the perfect Opt-in pages, and all about their design, content, what data to collect and a myriad of other specifics.

It also goes over just how to create value for you audience, so people not only get in your list and remain there – they’ll LOVE to be there.

Then there’s a big section on something I’m not allowed to talk about due to infringement problems, but it is a critical and vital step that most marketers overlook and you should not – a module that can sound a bit secretive, but that is something all successful marketers know, and you should know too.


You’ll then start learning about moving as efficiently as possible, and learning how to automate everything you do, which is part of the investment because you’ll need to get an auto responder.

The auto-responder is a software that mails your subscribers automatically, enabling you to carry on some very coordinated and targeted campaigns, something you couldn’t do otherwise.


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Another thing I really liked in this program is that it doesn’t treat subscribers as numbers or as cattle you need to milk. It treats them as human beings and it offers you a way to set up a good and healthy relationship with them.

Never forget that if your list trusts and loves you, you’ll be making way more sales than if they only get hit with offers – and Inbox Blueprint definitely gives you the tools you need to ensure your list is always happy with you.

It is not about products, and it is not about sales – it is about people!


At the end, you’ll be shown and taught extensively on how to drive traffic to your opt-in pages and on how to keep your business booming.

All in all, if you are serious about starting an Internet Marketing business, this program is rock solid and I definitely recommend Inbox Blueprint, though if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t it.

You’ll need to work and put down some effort to make any business work, and Inbox Blueprint is a great shortcut that still demands that you learn and sweat for your business.

One of the best courses out there, and definitely worth your money – but you should judge it for yourself.