In past mobile phones were used for calling purpose but recently cell phones offer numerous types of facilities to their customers. Different kinds of mobile smartphones facilitate surfing of the internet that is based on Android based. Because of this, the demand for Android application has been increased now a day.
Android application development helps in developing the latest and unique requests and advanced techniques for those customers who are using mobile phones for Android platform. These days cell phones are not used for calling or communication with another person. Android has changed the language of mobile phones.


Today, the users of mobile phones want that their phone should do everything. They want latest technologies, features and functions in their cell phones. There are numerous Android applications developers available that are satisfying the demands of their users. The platform of Android is very controlling and automatic. It makes this platform the best alternative option. The application developers facilitate complete changes in the appearance, looks and feelings of mobile phones.
It also improves the functions and features of mobile phones. Most of the users purchase phones because of design and performance. These smartphones have great the essence to satisfy the demand of their users and customers.
These days mobile phones offer following types of functions in it:

  • Messaging
  • Calling
  • Games
  • Music player
  • Internet facilities
  • Pictures viewers
  • Download applications
  • Personal information programs

Android helps the Application developers in creating latest and robust mobile applications fast and more quickly. It is software platform for cell phones that is based on Linux. The main reason for developing this function in mobiles phones is to save their time and energy. They can use Google application anywhere on their handset. Most of the users buy these types of phones as it is affordable. Android also supports Java facilities. Most of the users carry a smart phone as it is the world of a smart phone.
Customers can not only communicate with these phones but also use these cell phones as a computer along with the internet access. Android application development means developing or adding new and enhanced features so that cell phones become capable of performing multiple tasks at same time.

One of the most common and famous product of Google is Android. With the help of Android OS, people can design a gorgeous array of functionalities. The job of the application developers has been made very simple and trouble free. Some of the best companies helping people learna nd build their own apps is App Empire by Chad Mureta. This guy made millions from his apps and released to the public his 2.0 version of App Empire. So everyone can buy this release until 18 February. But as always is better to read some reviews about app empire and one of the pages i just found googling is Read their review or google for some more reviews.

The mobiles users get several types of benefits of using smartphones.

They can use video camera, touch screen facilities, UMTS technologies and other advanced functions.
The users of an Android application have been increased that from the different market segment.
Many websites are available that being designed not for display buying and selling only but also generates revenue. It the primary reason for developing an android application. These phones are designed to provide the latest technology to their users and to satisfy their demands.
The code used to develop applications for iPhone is called Xcode and will need Mac OS to enable development of applications. iTunes store is the site through which these apps are sold to the general public. The developers can set a price for their app or choose to sell it for free. For every sale that happens, the developer will get 70% of the revenue while the remaining 30% will go to Apple. However in a case of a request for a refund, the developer may have to pay the 30% that Apple has to pay back to the purchaser. This condition has raised concerns amongst many developers.