Thanks to the work I put over the last three years I have generated over a million dollars from the internet. Recently I have purchased a new apartment, bought a new luxurious vehicle and even assisted many people. This success is very different compared to the financial strains I experienced about three and a half years ago. During the time I was aggressively searching for a job but receiving many negative feedbacks from employers. My struggles are also confirmed by the fact that I was behind bills. However, all that changed after a friend informed me about the potential of working online and benefits of creating a personal blog.

It was three years ago when I started by the blog for promoting editing companies. At the time, I did not know what a blog was and how to create it but with a little research, I was ready to begin. I was also not aware of the difference between a blog and a website. The first three months were difficult because I was not conversant with the system and the topic. It was difficult to come up with interesting topics on editing because it is considered by many people to be a boring subject. However, after the initial four months, I decided to start up a new blog and focus on a topic that I would enjoy which is enterprenuership. By the time I was starting this second blog, I was conversant with how they work. I did not know that this second blog would be my primary business and completely revolutionize my life.
Initially, I wrote articles every day, developed tutorial and made updates regarding different issues. In just a short time I built a readership platform that also attracted other bloggers. Within the first year after launching this blog on enterpenuership I was able to attract 300 to 500 readers daily. Though I was making money from the few sponsors and affiliate markets that I received, my large initial sum was when I was invited to promote an ebook written by someone else and later after I sold a banner to advertise my blog. Therefore, the potential for making money online is varied, but it requires dedication, discipline and hard work.